American Steel Fabricators LLC  operates in two facilities in Springfield, Ohio. Our office and staff members
are located at the Columbus Ave plant with approximately 20,000 sq ft.. Also we have several shop employees
operating at our  Southern Ave plant, accommodating an additional 30,000 sq ft..
Our knowledgeable staff members including registered structural engineers work directly with our customers
ensuring our ability to get their projects started on time as well as completed within the deadlines of the project
schedules. Here is a partial list of projects we have completed.

Kroger Stores   (42
Meijers Stores    (44 Stores)                            Springfield Mental Health
Meijers Dist.Center                                         Rocking Horse Center
Target Stores     (12 Stores)                             College Park Campus
Lowes    (4 Stores)                                          Jeff Wyler Chevrolet  (Springfield, Ohio)
Aldi Dist. Center                                             Northrop Grumman Office Building
Candlelite Dist. Center                                    SAIC Office Building
International Paper                                          Mills Morgan Office Building
Fairfield High School                                      Acropolis Business Park
Piqua Jr High School                                       INEOS
Springfield Schools   (8 Schools)                     James Free Jewelers
Hamilton School                                             Circleville School
Urbana University                                           911 Memorial Beavercreek, Ohio
South Avondale School                     
              Ohio Air National Guard
Scioto Valley School K-12                  
            Greenville School
Florence Elementary                            
New Haven Elementary                
Yealey Elementary                               
Rockdale Academy                      
Roll Hill Elementary                          
Camp Ernst School                            
Donnelsville Elementary                       
Pentagon Office Bldg                           
Our Columbus Ave Plant